Custom Reports for PowerSchool

Having trouble finding the perfect report in PowerSchool that fits your school’s needs? Cherryland Software can help build the reports that you need to be successful with running your school!

PowerSchool stores a wide variety of data related to your school. Figuring out where all of your data is stored and retrieving it into a custom report can be very difficult for the typical school staff member. Our company’s experience with PowerSchool eliminates all of that hassle. ¬†When you work with us, we will build reports for any data that you have stored in your student information system and put it into the report format that you want.

Here are few examples of the custom reports that we can build for your PowerSchool server:

  • Report Cards
  • Progress Reports
  • Transcripts
  • Object Reports
  • Reporting Engine reports
  • Mailing Labels
  • Envelopes
  • Reports that run on an automated schedule (hourly, daily, weekly)
  • …or anything you can imagine!
Contact us today and we’ll work with you to build the reports your school needs.