Multiple Student Contacts 2.2.4


This customization provides data entry from multiple parents, guardians, and other people that are related to the current student.

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Product Description

  • Dynamically add as many contacts per student as needed. Number of contacts allowed is only limited by available custom fields.
  • Uses AJAX methods so that contact information can be viewed, added, and modified all on one page.
  • Set emergency contact priority to help sort and flag what contacts should be called in case of emergency.
  • Includes all data entry from Parents/Guardian page as well as some data entry from the Emergency/Medical page.
  • Includes two extra files for reporting from the data created by this customization.
    • Reporting engine report that creates sheets of printable mailing labels(Avery 5160).
    • Custom SQL reports report that will show all contacts that are flagged to receive letter mailings

NOTE: This customization is intended to replace the scattered data entry for emergency contacts and parent/guardian information. Because of this I recommend removing the link to the Parent/Guardian page on /admin/students/more2.html. Additionally, the /admin/students/medical.html page can be customized to remove the data entry for emergency contact information. Keep in mind that this is not required for this customization to work and your schools may actually need those other data entry locations for reports that they have made.

Github open source location

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Firefox 3.5+, IE 7+, Chrome
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