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Refreshing Report Queue 3.0.0


This customization alters the default report queue page in PowerSchool. It offers more features and improved user interactions compared to the default page.

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Product Description

  • Automatically refreshes report queue page every 5 seconds only while jobs are running or pending.
  • Adds a School column to the report queue that indicates which school is associated with each report.
  • A rerun report link has been added next to the cancel/delete icon for each report.
  • Rerun, delete, and cancel actions use an AJAX method to reload the report queue data. This allows for browser back button to leave report queue screen easily.

Comparison to PowerSchool 7.5’s report queue page:

Feature PowerSchool 7.5 Customization
Refresh Rate User selectable: None, 30secs, 1min, 5mins, or 10mins. 5 seconds
Refresh Action Refreshes whole page. Does not stop refreshing. Refreshes report info in the background. Stops after all reports are complete.
Extra Data None. Adds a School column to report status.
Extra Features None. Rerun link available next to completed reports.


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